Quantum Race Products Online CatalogQuantum Race Products is one of the leaders in performance products for Circle Track Racing. With affordable scales, gauge panels and switches built for the rough conditions of racing, and set-up tools to make sure the car is set right.

These are American made products created for the American racer. With 3 types of scales your sure to find one that fits your needs. The Pro Scale, pretty lofty statement, and not one we make lightly. When we sat down to build a scale console that we'd want to use, we threw convention out and started on a clean sheet of paper. This is the best scale that Quantum Race Products offers. Six oversized displays with multiple functions, durable cables, and easy to carry with its own case.


The A-Line Shock Dyno II

A-Shock Dyno Force vs. Velocity software, temperature control and the Shock Doctor program included.

• Graphic display
• Compression over rebound or rebound over compression
• 0.5 to 12 velocity scale
• Automatic or manual vertical scale
• Grid lines on graph (none, vertical, horizontal,both)
• Total force or damping force only
• Multi shock comparison
• Shock Comparison Graph Display
Overlay up to 10 different shock histories at one time. Multi color display makes it easy to compare. The shock you're currently testing is displayed in blue, every consecutive comparison is shown in green, light blue, red, pink, yellow, gray, dark green, light gray, brown, and on the tenth shock, purple.

• Automatic Shock warm-up feature
• 12 bit A/D accuracy
• The Shock Doctor - [Click for Image]
Allows you to show the data at even closer detail by isolating a segment of the graph and review it at close up range, then print out the results in color or black & white.
Grid style, select none or horizontal.
Force calculation, select dampening only or total force.
Graph display force, select compression over rebound or rebound over compression.
Temp, automatically reads temperature of shock.
Vertical scale, choose automatic which sets the grid to whatever the shock tests at, or manual which allows ...you to set the grid to figures you select. Useful for shock comparisons.
Velocity, select speed at 1/10" increments.
Zoom X, lets you view graph at six different settings, giving you an upclose and personal look at valve ...openings and closings, valve bleed and peaked force. Also shows lag time from rebound to compression.
• Temperature Monitoring System
•Shock performance can vary dramatically at different temperatures. These temperature performance changes ..can directly influence the handling characteristics of your car. With the temperature monitoring system, you ..can determine how your shock will perform under various temperatures. You can automatically warm the ..shock to a temperature you select and read the temperature at any time!

Important Info: This item ships FULL FREIGHT. If Shock Dyno is not in stock expect 4-6 weeks for delivery

ASHOCK Display
ASHOCK Display
ASHOCK Display
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Quantum Switch Panels

Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels
QUA350-1570 QUA350-1571 QUA350-1572
1-Start Button 1-Std Ign,
1 Acc Switch 2 Lites
1 Flip-Ing,1-Start Button,
1 Acc Switch 2 Lites
1-Start Button 1-Std Ign,
1 Parker Pumper 3 Lites
Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels
QUA350-1575 QUA350-1576 QUA350-1577
1 Starter Button 1 Std Ign.
2 Acc.Switch w/Lites
1 Flip-Ing.1 Starter Button,
2 Acc.Switch w/Lites
1-Start Button 1-Std Ign,
1 Parker 1 Acc. 4 Lites
Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels Quantum Switch Panels
QUA350-1610 QUA350-1611 QUA350-1612
1-Std Ignition 1-Start Button
1-Std Accessory
1-Std Ignition 1-Momentary
Start 1-Std Accessory
1-Std Ignition 1-Momentary
Switch 1-Dual Ingition
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